We love to hear from our satisified clients.

Marsha took special care of our boys Buddy and Frost for over 8 years until we moved to Maryland in June. We all miss her especially Buddy and Frost.Trustworthy and dependable what more could you ask for? Thanks Marsha!

The Bicklers

I have two very hard to deal with dogs. The second Marsha met them, they fell in love with her. When we mention her name in the house they run to the door to look for her.

My home is well taken care of when we are away. There is no fear of the house looking like no one is around, because Marsha has it looking like someone is there all the time.

Our Dogs are very specials to us. Marsha treats them like we do. Giving them the Love and attention they need. Maggie Mae our Scottie needs medicine and Marsha makes sure she recieves her pills.

Paw-Ferred is very special to us and our dogs. I could NOT leave our dogs with anyone else.

Thank you Marsha for all you do for us, Maggie Mae and Rocky.

All our Love,

Jim and Fran McKenna
Maggie Mae and Rocky

"Since Paw-ferred, my dog is getting out, he's getting his walk. I don't have to worry about him pulling or hurting my elderly mother... It's been great. - M. Jones.....Toms River, NJ

I have been using Marsha for over 10 years now and she takes great care of my dogs I never have to worry about them while we are away. She is very kind with them especially with my older hot dog who doesn't let anyone besides a few people touch her and she loves Marsha and lets her handle her with no problems. -Debbie Lukacs

We have been a client since around 2003 and Marsha is the best. I have no problem recommending her services to anyone who asks. She is more than a pet sitting service; she is added security and peace of mind when you're away. She not only cares for your pets but also looks out for your home. Marsha always goes above and beyond in providing a high level of professional service and our family feels very fortunate to have found her. -Pam Biglier

Upon moving to Toms River in 1999 we were in need of someone to care for our pets, one dog and two cats. We were recommended to Marsha at that time by a local animal hospital.
We have had her services for 11 years. She has been devoted to our pets and also taken care of our home when we were away. We could leave our home with complete comfort and confidence knowing that everything would be taken care of. Marsha cared for our sweet dog even while she was ill and gave her gentle care until her passing.

With our cats we refer to Marsha as their second Mom and when her name would be mentioned their ears would turn as if to listen. We will be moving from Toms River in July and we will miss Marsha greatly. She has gone above and beyond with our pets and our home.
We feel a special closeness to her.

Thank you, Marsha!
George & Melanie Stitik
Odie & Jasmine too!

From: Joan Blank

I would like to add my praise for Marsha Nitko's services to the list.

I have been using her services for about 14 years.
I only go away once or twice a year but I know I can always depend on Marsha to take really good care of my animals. I'm down to just one 20 year old cat with three legs now but I can attest to her always being there for her and can relax and enjoy my time away knowing she is being well taken care of. I highly recommend her services.

Joan Blank

From: Clare Gilsenan

After a terrible experience boarding our dogs at a kennel prior to a vacation, I stumbled across Marsha's pamphlet in a pet store I did not usually frequent. An incredible twist of fate!

Marsha became our savior. I had told my husband we would never travel again if we could not find an alternative to boarding in a kennel. We found Marsha and 10+ years later we have traveled the world stress free.

Professional and responsible are adjectives often used to desrcibe Marsha and Pawferred Petsitters but they don't even begin to tell the story.

Suffice it to say in the 10+ years, I have many stories and ALL of them are good. Let me tell you...dogs cared for in their own home, eating their own food, sleeping in their own beds...mail neatly stacked on the table, packages brought in, plants watered, lights turned on and off, brief chronicles of the doggie events while we were gone - sometimes even pictures! One snow storm Marsha even shoveled a path to our front door for our homecoming!

My "girls" love "Ms. Marsha" and that says it all.

We leave our home without a care in the world and know that our pets and home are left in extremely capable, responsible and caring hands.

Last year my husband needed surgery and was to be hospitalized for at least 10 days. We live in Toms River and he was hospitalized in Edison. Between work and visiting my husband, I needed to be away from home a great deal. Marsha took a key to our home and was "on call". Whatever/Whenever...no problem! All I had to do was call and - problem solved. What a relief!

Once we left for what was supposed to be a day trip; we ended up staying away overnight and on short notice, Marsha adjusted without a blink.

Recently, we were away when our elderly dog had a health scare. Marsha was prepared to stay the whole night by her side while we rushed home from Florida. Our 19 hour ride was calm knowing that Marsha was there taking care of everything. She even called us frequently with updates. I am glad to say there was a happy ending!

I could go on forever...but I will end this way -if Marsha is not available - I would rearrange my vacation plans (and that's the truth!).

-- Clare Gilsenan, Toms River, NJ

From: Maxine Saitta

Marsha is the VERY BEST. I have been using her for so many years that I don't remember how long.

I have 4 exotic birds. There are a great many people that can care for dogs and cats; not many who can care for birds. Especially my nasty ones.

In addition to her skills as a pet-sitter, she is honest and trust-worthy. If I did not have Marsha I would never be able to go anywhere.

-- Maxine Saitta, Toms River, NJ

From: Reggie Dixon : liberal700@comcast.net

My wife and I moved to Toms River from northern New Jersey in 2000. We had opened a business in the area, and didn't know anyone from Toms River.

We met neighbors who used Marsha as their pet sitter. They LOVED her and highly recommended her! We had two cats who had never been left alone. We were planning our annual vacation, and decided to contact Marsha, and meet her.

She was an absolute joy! We have one cat who is very protective of our home. Besides family, to date Marsha is the only person he will "warm up" to.

She came twice a day, took very good care of our cats, left us a daily log, and looked after our home. We could not have asked for a better situation! We found a gem in Paw-Ferred Pet Sitters!

Once Marsha was going to go on vacation at the same time we were. She arranged to stop by before she left, and introduced us to her replacement who would look after our boyz (cats) while we were away. Again, the absolute best service!

Today, Marsha is like family. We can call up Paw-Ferred Pet Sitters at any moment, and Marsha will be there.

As with most pet owners, our boyz are family. We don't just trust them to anyone. Our boyz love Marsha, and Marsha treats our boyz as if they are her own.

Paw-Ferred Pet Sitters is HIGHLY reccomended! We cannot thank you enough Marsha for being there for us all these years. We hope to have many more with you!

-- Reggie Dixon, Toms River, NJ

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